Skyfall || 007 Highlands on the kitchen table

Back in 2020 when the world locked down I suddenly found myself with no shoots, no garden and a lot of extra time on my hands. I needed a way to exercise my withering creative muscles. I'd seen a swathe of genius remakes of pieces of art across various instagram timelines, so finding myself suddenly living with a cinephile I asked him suggest a film scene to recreate.

And so Quaran-Scenes was borne. Created in perspective with a minature Aston Martin DB5 for scaling reference, I began recreating the scottish highlands using resources I could find already within my house (until the paint resources ran dry). With the exception of a week long break as I waited patiently for the overworked delivery driver to bring the goods, the project beginning to end took 3 weeks. Materials included a cardboard box from a flower delivery, papier mâché made from free news papers and a flour/water solution, dry gypsophilia (from said arrangement) and a little moulding paste.